How to dispose of a coffee maker

It has served you well in the past but your faithful coffee maker may be now be at the end-of-life stage and needs replacing.

Perhaps the hot-plate doesn’t keep the coffee as hot as it used to, or maybe it takes longer to heat the water for your brew. Whatever the reason, recycling a small appliance is the right thing to do once it has reached the end of its’ life.

Replacing a coffee maker offers the chance to upgrade the coffee experience; for example the function to use ground coffee for espresso machine isn’t a feature found on some budget coffee makers; while some regular ground coffee doesn’t lend itself well to the espresso flavor as it isn’t refined as much as espresso grounds.

How to Dispose of A Coffee Maker

One of the key considerations when it comes to buying a new coffee maker is what to do with the old one. It might still be fully functional but may have served its’ purpose within the household perhaps down to a change in drinking habits. Whereas in the past it might have been used to cater coffee for a family, it may only be serving one person now and there’s little point in putting on a pot of coffee for one individual.

Charity or goodwill stores

If the coffee maker to be discarded is still of reasonable condition and functional then donating it to a charity or goodwill store can see the life of the machine extended and likely picked up by a grateful family in the market for such a machine but which may lack the financial resources to justify the outlay of a new machine.

Picking up a second-hand unit could be a godsend for them; you’ll be helping them while disposing of your old machine in a safe way.

Alternatively passing it on to a friend in need, or donating it to a family member who is maybe striking out on their own with their own place to live are other options to consider.

Offset the cost of a new machine

Some retailers may offer trade-in programs where the old machine is taken as a part-credit against the cost of a newer model. Others might exchange in store credit that can be used on any purchase. The retailer then recycles the machine responsibly according to their own procedures and save you the hassle of doing so.

Many of the big brand names in small appliance manufacture offer similar schemes, allowing the opportunity to donate end-of-life devices for recycling, occasionally with a buy-back or trade-in program attached.

Junk disposal companies

Some companies now offer electical appliance junk disposal services at a cost; they come to you to collect any unwanted devices from coffee machines to washing machines and stoves. If it runs on electricity then there’s a good chance a junk disposal company will be able to collect.

Don’t just throw in the garbage

Small appliances are predominantly made of steel and other recyclable materials so it makes sense to the environment to always properly recycle end-of-life devices.

Throwing them into the garbage can see them end up in landfill sites where the device will languish for many years as places to dispose of electronic waste are scarce; while the materials used in small appliances isn’t biodegradable meaning they won’t break down naturally and can cause long-term issues for the environment.

Prepare the coffee maker for recycling

If the machine is still serviceable and can be passed on then be sure to give the device a thorough clean before donating. The receiver of the device will surely be grateful and appreciative, as will any handler should the machine be traded into a recycling program.

And if donating to a family member or friend then throwing in a packet of coffee for use is always a good sweetener, allowing them the opportunity to test the machine right away with a delicious coffee.

Once you’ve decided what to do with the old machine, it is a matter of sourcing a replacement coffee maker. Whether you decide for a simple coffee maker or one with more functions such as the ability to use ground coffee for espresso or one which has the function to foam milk there’s plenty of choice to consider.

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