Win, Win, Win


Two years ago the new Principal at Quincy High School, Dr. Sue Segura started shaking things up to say the least.  One of her new projects was to extend the Culinary Arts program and add a Pastry Class for advanced students.  She asked our part time Pastry Chef, Nichole Yoacham to teach the class.  What could have been a great loss to the Alley Cat Cafe has turned out to be a win, win, win situation.

The funding for a pastry class comes with an agreement that the class will “pay for itself” by selling everything it produces. Nichole asked me if I’d be interested in buying the dough made by the students and baking it off here so it’s fresh every morning. I jumped on the idea! Thanks to the love Nichole has for the cafe and her students and Dr. Segura’s open mind, the pastry class is thriving. Students are learning all aspects of running a bakery including taking orders and delivering goods.  A win for the students.

The Alley Cat didn’t loose it’s Pastry Chef, we gained a whole classroom of chefs in the making that are using the same organic, high quality ingredients in the same recipes that Nichole used when she worked here.  A win for the Alley Cat.

The last part of that win, win, win situation is our devoted customers who love the fresh scones and cookies that are provided by the students.

The Alley Cat Cafe is proud to be part of this forward thinking, open minded solution and we will continue to be on the look out for win, win possibilities!

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